Lagunita Saddle 

Lagunita Saddle is never going to make it into the top 10 list of favorite New Mexico MTB rides, and that in spite of its impressive altitude gain. Instead MTB guide books focus on a number of short rides on the east side of this flat saddle. The saddle is marked in these books. For those not afraid of gravel, the ride from the bottom is quite a workout ride through a forested canyon.  An additional 200 feet has to be climbed over the ridge separating the saddle from the Red River valley in a loop ride.

01.(7470ft,mile00)START-END EAST-NORTH: Questa
02.(9050ft,mile10) FR597 on right offers a shorter way to get to Red River Canyon
03.(10510ft,mile16) Lagunita Saddle
04.(10490ft,mile16) stay right for Red River Canyon
05.(10510ft,mile17) stay right at this and next fork
06.(10780ft,mile19) TOP: merge onto steep rocky track - not rideable
07.(8660ft,mile23) Red River, profile continues back to Questa
08.(74070ft,mile35) START-END EAST-SOUTH: Questa


From East. The Cabresto Canyon road leaves from Questa, roughly paralleling Red River Valley, and soon turns into a gravel road, that is not the easiest to ride. The top is a subalpine meadow Road conditions improve considerably approaching the top (May/05).

From South.  Continuing over the top, a confusing number of forest roads make route finding difficult on the first go around. The first sign after the unmarked top points the way to the (Midnight) Trail Canyon jeep road. The descent is often too steep and rocky for staying on the bike.


A ride from Questa over the saddle and descending the route outlined, continuing back to Questa through Red River valley, measured 60 miles with 6130 feet of climbing. This includes around 5 miles of route finding on the east and south sides of Lagunita Saddle. The eastern approach of the saddle is also included in the route over Ortiz Peak summit(u).

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