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FR639 Truchas Peaks s(u)

The Truchas Peaks are a few outlying peaks of the southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains. They reach above treeline, and could easily be mistaken for peaks in Colorado. This jeep road passes two trailheads into the area and passes two nice views of these impressive mountains. But the route still stays low in the foothills.

1.START-END NORTH-1:low point on NM76, just west of Trampas
2.NM76 Truchas s(u)
3.profile turns left into Truchas
4.profile turns left uphill onto FR639
5.TOP FR639 Truchas Peaks s(u)-9480ft
6.profile joins FR207 going downhill
7.El Valle Rd joins FR76
8.START-END NORTH-2: same as point 1


From West
. To give this side of the elevation profile an impressive gain, you could start all the way down in Espanola. But I didn't do that, either in the profile or on the bicycle. I preferred the cooler temperatures in the foothills. and so the profile starts at the low point of a small loop in the village Trampas. The old adobe mission with its small steeples sits in a wonderful location, surrounded by picturesque housing typical for New Mexico, and the occasional stray dog.

The profile climbs on pavement over the NM72 Truchas summit, arriving at the village at the edge: Trampas. Turning left and going through the village you pass the Trampas mission (built in 1752) and more buidlings that are wonderfully un American. The county road turns into a forest dirt road, and at the next junction FR639 - FR667 the route stays left and the climb really starts.

It's not all as steep as the first 100 yards. Soon the rutted but smooth road levels out a bit, and one of exactly two good views of the Trampas Mountains appears framed by trees.

A junction meets a road, which can be used as alternate approach, leaving pavement of FR72 near the FR72 Truchas summit. After the second interesting view the road gains the forested ridge. At the top spurs continue climbing in both directions.

From East. (described downwards) A fast decent leads past a trailhead to the jct with the much wider FR207. But first Rio de las Trampas has to be crossed - wet legs are better than a submerged derailleur.

FR207 is a long, straight-as-an arrow, shallow decent back to a junction with NM72. The road has one or two rocky stretches. El Valle Rd leads past a cemetery that was established in the 1750s (according to the sign) and a mixture of modern retirement farms and wooden steeples, speaking of colonial remnants

Dayride with this point as highest summit


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FR639 Truchas Mtns s(u) , NM76 Truchas s(su) , NM76 Trampas s(u) , additional out and back: jct FR639 - FR667 > up FR639 > FR639 Truchas Mtns s(u) > down FR639 with small out and back detour <> jct with FR207 el Valle Rd <> out and back to end ofr FR207 at Truchas trailhead >> down FR207 > NM76 east  <> out and back to end of Vallecito Rd , including several short spurs >> NM76 west > NM76 Truchas s(u) with several short detours in Ojo Sarco area > Truchas > back to starting point at jct FR639 - FR667: 41.4miles with 4220ft of climbing in 5:13hrs (garmin etrex30 m5:21.6.2).