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Mt Harrison(ow)
aka Pomerelle  Ski Area

The best motivation for this climb is a view from below. Two rounded peaks with snow lasting into June, share the backdrop to the collection of houses, named Elba. While access to one of the peaks in the view, Cache Peak, from this side is not as easy as it first looks on the map, a excellent paved road leads to the top of the northern peak, Mt Harrison, also the site of the Pomerelle Ski Area.

2.Connor: profile turns right onto Id77
3.profile turns left onto Howell Canyon Rd
4.jct with roads to Thompson Flat campground and Twin Lakes picnic area
5.TOP: 9210ft Mt Harrison(ow)


From East.
Either side of Connor Creek Summit could be used to start the profile (Id77 between Connor and Albion). On the south side, Elba may seem like the logical starting point. As already mentioned it certainly has the best views. However from a profile standpoint, the little town is actually a little higher than the first turnoff "on the way up" to Mt Harrison, at Connor. Malta however is lower than any of the above, even if it's not a pretty there. Still - that's where the profile starts. From the junction marked as Connor on maps, the road climbs to a sage summit, signed Connor Creek Summit.

About a mile or so north of the Connor Creek Summit, the road to the ski area takes off. The road climbs steeply in the sage hills up to a forest, on the flank of a small ravine. The best part of this ride is above the ski area. After this short episode of forest, the surroundings change again to a sloping sage plain.

My favorite spot on this ride is actually not the summit, but the area where the first view of Cache Peak to the north appears. A sign explains the historical trapping accomplishments of Peter Skene Ogden, who named this peak, and whose name figures prominently in Utah landmarks to the north. A number of large stray rock outcrops seem to be strategically placed by nature to highlight this spot, and the sign adds a cognizant touch of history. There are also two campgrounds near this location.

The road climbs past a small lake below. The Snake River Plain and the maze of grass canyons to the west are lost in the thick haze of June. The road gently curves to the very highest point of this giant aunt hill. The summit is shared with a two-story lookout structure, a toilet building, and a small rock plaque honoring WW2 casualties.

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Dayride with this point as highest one way summit (and no two-way summits):


( < Gate Canyon s(u) | Beaverland Pass > )

Mt Harrison(ow): jct Howell Canyon Rd - Connor Ridge Rd <> down Howell Canyon rd <> Nv77 south <>  Elba - Alma Hwy << turnaround point a couple of miles south of Elba <> separate out and back on the way out from Elba <> Elba Grandview Cemetary <> separate out and back from starting point <> up Howell Canyon Rd << turnaround point at end of road: 46.0miles with 5100ft of climbing in 4:59hrs (garmin etrex30 r4:20.6.4, t20_04)
Notes: road above ski area was still closed but only contained one drift that required a detour around the road.