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Franklin Basin Rd s(u)

This summit follows the drainage of Logan River in a north south direction, cresting parallel to the Bear River Range. By far the easiest access road is from Utah, but the summit is in Idaho.

1.START-END SOUTH:jct E400 - North Main Street, Logan
2.jct US89 Logan Canyon - Temple Fork Rd
3.profile turns left onto Franklin Basin Rd
4.TOP: 8120ft
5.jct with road to Danish Pass on right
6.campground at bottom of Hilyard Canyon, begin Cub River Rd
7.START-END NORTH:jct Cub Rier Rd - US91, south of Preston


From South.
The profile includes the paved climb from Logan up Logan Canyon. At a shallow section between the initial canyon climb and the final climb to Bear Lake Summit, a well used dirt road follows the Logan River up to a wide shallow summit.

The road follows along on a subalpine meadow. At the top a few rock outcrops to the west hint at the presence of a fault range. There is no indication of crossing the state line, but the top is in Idaho. On both sides near the summit the road surface is quite sandy.

From North. At a turnoff less than 300ft below the summit, a dirt road to the east crosses the higher Danish Pass. Therefor Franklin Basin Rd is a shoulder summit. Below this turnoff the road alternates between a medium rough torn up ATV trail and a mediocre dirt road. This section down Hiyard Canyon is steeper and rougher than anything else on the profile.

From the jct with Cub River Rd a good fast dirt road leads down the last 20 miles towards Preston and its rounded breadloaf grasshills. The last several miles are paved.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < FR147 Ephraim's Grave(sh) | Danish Pass > )

FR406 Franklin Basin Rd(sh) : a short distance up FR406 from its jct with Ut89 up Logan Canyon > up FRFranklin Basin Rd > FR406 Franklin Basin Rd(sh) <> short out and back up FR415 > down Hilyard Canyon Rd > down Cub River Rd > FR91 south > Franklin > Logan > up US89 Logan Canyon > back to starting point on FR406: 78.2miles with 4460ft of climbing in 6:33hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:20.9.18)
Notes: at jct Cub River Rd - Ut91 I met Alan and Evelyn, the first real cyclists since the GDMBR,and the first people I could relate to since then, a missionary with a mission to boot. Thanks for the great conversation, and I hope someday there will be more.