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Tommy's Draw s(u)

The Roan Plateau seems like landscape of patterns with few outstanding landmarks. At least it appears that way when staying on paved roads. The Cathedral Bluffs, south east of Rangely, are one of those outstanding landmarks, that don't immediately present themselves to paved road travelers. The Cathedral Bluffs are surrounded by patterns of hills. This good unpaved road traverses along these cliffs at half height.

There is also a path on the top of this cliff bordered plateau. But to pick up that route you have to descend more than a 300ft from the Tommy's Draw road. So Tommy's Draw is a summit instead of a shoulder point and gets an s(u).

1.(00.0m,ft)START-END WEST-1: jct CR28-Co139
2.(m,ft)jct: road following East Dry Lake Canyon - CR28
3.(m,ft)profile turns left onto CR128
4.(m,7640ft)TOP Tommy's Draw s(u)
5.(m,ft)START-END WEST-2: same as point 2


From West.
A wide all weather dirt road follows East Douglas Creek east from Co139. Turning left onto CR28 along Cathedral Creek gets closer to  the plateau. Still - they don't look nearly as picturesque as from Brushy Point.

The map shows several options to get to half height. But once in the landscape itself,  the most obvious seems to turn onto CR128, where a sign warns that there will be no more traffic signs along the route. For now the slightly soft dirt road stays in a narrow draw and crests between the pinyons in order to descend into a small ravine. Here cows make a ruckus as if they owned the place.

Soon the route begins to climb again and a continuation of the track, cutting its way along the bluffs becomes visible. The highest point is a dry stream crossing, imaginary water tumbling down from the white cliffs. But I think I'd rather be here when it is dry.

From East. (described downwards) But this is just the beginning of a long traverse. To the right the white cliffs become gentler, and slowly recede away from the smooth path. To the left the landscape falls off into rolling hills of brush forest. The Uinta mountains form a jagged white line at the horizon. Actually the traverse lasts longer than the profile does. At the signed junction of BLM1250 and CR128, the profile elects to descend down BLM1250.

Arriving at the bottom of this bumpy cowtrack, you have the choice of going upstream or downstream along Douglas Creek in order to cross it and rejoin CR28. Downstream may be shorter but the upstream option has the advantage of a bridge over the creek.This turnoff is marked as East Dry Lake Canyon on CR28.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < ZVI Rd s(u) | Four A Ridge Rd s(u) > )

Tommy's Draw s(u) , additional out and back: a short ways up BLM1056 (going to Oil Springs Mountain) > down BLM1056 >  Co139 north > CR28 along East Douglas Creek east <> out and back CR27 south > CR120 along Trail Creek Canyon west > to two dead ends[1] >> CR28 along Cathedral Creek east > CR128 up Tommy's Draw > Tommy's Draw s(u) > down BLM1250 > road following East Douglas Creek north side upstream > CR28 along East Douglas Creek west > CO139 south > back to starting point on BLM1056: 67.0miles with 4450ft of climbing in 6:36hrs (garmin etrex30 m5:17.5.27).
Notes: the originally planned route was to ride to the transmission facility above Douglas Pass via various tracks that start from the end of Trail Creek Canyon. These roads are shown on de Lorme Gazeteer maps, and also on also on an openstreetmap derivation. But all signs of them have been erased along Trail Creek Canyon.