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Richmond Hill Rd  via Taylor Pass s(u)

There are several possible summit points on the ridge east of Taylor Pass, higher than Taylor Pass itself. This double track across a flank of Taylor Peak is the highest of the double tracks. There is also a short out and back to the top of the mountain itself. From there you can enjoy a great view of the surrounding area and Taylor Park

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01.(m00,7910ft) START/END NORTH-EAST: downtown Aspen
02.(m01,7920ft) START-END NORTH-EAST ALTERNATE: turn left onto Castle Creek Valley road.
03.(m04,8330ft) turn left up steep dirt road up Queen's Gulch
04.(m08,10670ft) stay left at this fork
05.(m09,11220ft) go right up Richmond Hill. Route from Aspen ski area joins at this point from left.
06.(m11,11445ft) high point on Richmond Hill
07.(m15,11010ft) low point past Richmond Hill
08.(m19,12290ft) high point between Gold Hill and Ashcroft Mountain
09.(m20,11910ft) single track trail to the right cuts off the top of Taylor Pass. Profile continues straight on double track.
10.(m21,12339ft) TOP: high point on a flank of unnamed mountain. Short spur to the left leads to the top of a lookout point at 12430ft.
11.(m21,11928ft) Taylor Pass
12.(m26,9430ft) Taylor Pass road joins paved road in Castle Creek Valley. Go right
13.(m34,8330ft) same as point 3
14.(m37,7920ft) START-END NORTH-EAST ALTERNATE: same as point 2, and point 1 on principal approaches profile
15.(m37,7910ft) START/END NORTH-WEST: same as point 1


From North East: The Richmond Hill route leaves the paved Castle Creek Valle Rd ( towards Taylor Pass and others) about 3 miles up from Aspen. A steep, well graded dirt road climbs up Richmond Hill in tightly bound switchbacks. But this climb is not an escape into the wilderness. At the top the exhausted cyclist is greeted by a chairlift. Another option would have been to ride ski area trails to this point. Some people actually take the bicycles on the lift to the top. Whatever mode was used to get here, the ridge ahead is one of the prime alpine ridge rides in the state. Intermittent rolling hills finally make their way above treeline and open on a vista running along the length of the Elk Mountains.

From here on the road follows the western boundary of the Collegiate Peaks wilderness. Although most of the ride takes place on Richmond Hill, the two highest elevation points are south of there, first on an unnamed knoll between Gold Hill and Ashcroft Mountain, and the highest point along the route on a hill above Taylor Pass. From there a short spur leads to a 12430ft high point overlooking Taylor Park. Between the two high points a single track trail leaves the ridge to cut off the highest section of the route, including Taylor Pass. With that option the other summit point on Richmond Hill becomes the point of highest elevation, and the route is covered on the page Richmond Hill summit(u).

Dayride with this point as highest summit:

Single Day. The Richmond Hill route makes for a great dayride. The route consists of so much climbing that just a few miles of spinning on flat roads afterwards feel really good to unwind the legs.