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Smith Hill Road s(u)

Highest Point:

Eastern Approach:

from jct: Clear Creek bike path - Kipling Ave, Wheat Ridge (5360ft) 3690ft 21+1/2miles ~600ft
from start of Golden Gate Canyon, just north of Golden (5930ft) 3120ft 14miles ~500ft
Western Approach:

from jct Co119 - US6 in Clear Creek Canyon (6920ft) 2130ft 7+1/2miles
from jct Smith Hill Road - Co119 (7670ft)
1380ft 3miles

Lowest part of western approach between jct Co119 - US6  and turnoff to Smith Hill Road has bad traffic and is generally not cycled (until the bike trail will be finished), but it is legal. Route is shown in profile to show maximum elevation gain. Continuing further east or west from jct Co119 - US6, on US6, bicycles are prohibited, because of few very short tunnels.