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Pleasant Park Road shoulder summit

Highest Point:

Southern Approach:

from jct: Deer Creek Canyon Rd - Wadsworth Blvd, west of Chatfield Res. via Deer Creek Canyon and High Grade Road (5530ft)  ft 16+1/2miles ~100ft
from jct Deer Creek Canyon Rd - South Deer Creek Canyo Rd (6500ft)  ft 10+1/2miles ~100ft
Northern Approach:

from Simms Street Exit on US285, via US285 (5660ft)  ft 17+1/2miles ~200ft
from jct: Parmalee Gulch - US285 (6730ft)  ft 10+1/2miles ~200ft

pic locations: 1: High Grade Road, 2: just north(west) of summit, 3 approaching turnoff to City View Drive from south(east).
Profiled northern approach is on four lane US285, since this is the most direct. This road has a wide shoulder for the most part, and cycling on it is legal. But substituting a  route over North Turkey Creek Canyon / Deer Creek Canyon (or other) is a more pleasant ride.