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Peak to Peak Highway m15.3 s(u)

Highest Point:

Eastern Approach:

from Wheat Ridge: Clear Creek bike path - Kippling Ave. (5360ft), via Golden Gate Canyon rd.
3990ft 25+1/2miles ~900ft
from start of Golden Gate Canyon rd. (5930ft) 3420ft 18+1/2miles ~800ft
Western Approach:

from jct US6 - Co119 (Peak to Peak Highway (6920ft) 2430ft 12+1/2miles

This summit point, located at the intersection of Upper Golden Gate Canyon Rd and the Peak to Peak Highway, is the highest point on many possible loop rides. Most people ride north and return over Coal Creek Canyon s(u).


Mount Evans from just north of summit

DFC group at jct Peak to Peak Highway - Gap Road on a warm early May afternoon

approaching Rollinsville