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Mount Vernon Canyon - Genesee Trail Rd. shoulder summit

Highest Point:

Eastern Approach 1:

from jct Clear Creek bike path - Kipling Ave, Wheat Ridge (5360ft) 2380ft 15+1/2miles
from jct I70 - West Colfax Ave (US40) (5800ft) 1940ft 9miles
Eastern Approach 2:

from jct I70 - Grapevine Road (7160ft) 580ft 3+1/2miles

The bridge over I70 at the Genesee Exit is the highest point, when combining a climb up Mount Vernon Canyon Rd. (or Lookout Mtn Rd) with a descent down the other side of I70 on Genesee Trail Rd. If instead continuing on the shoulder of I70, the route goes over higher points. Picture on left is taken from that bridge, looking to continental divide during dusk. Picture on right shows the I70 service road approaching the bridge.