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Kokomo Pass (Summary)

Highest Point:
Public access on the route in the profile is closed on the east side, between the Fremont Pass road and the trail above the road. The profiled route crosses poperty controlled by the Climax Molybdenum Mine. For a route over Kokomo pass, completely on publicly accessible land see the Searle Pass route, which also goes over Kokomo Pass.
Western Approach:

from Dowd Junction (7730ft) 4292ft 25miles ~1000ft
from low point past Battle Hill Summit  (8560ft) 3462ft 15miles ~300ft
from Camp Hale (9240ft)
Eastern Approach:

from Copper Mountain (9700ft) 2322ft 13miles ~600ft
from Fremont Pass Road (11010ft) 1012ft ~5+1/2miles ~600ft