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Kaufman Creek Rd s(u)

This is a relatively short but scenic loop, that leads above the southern approach to Willow Creek Pass. As of 2023 the road is closed to motor vehicles and the match stick forest left over from the last forest fire permits great views of the Rabbit Ears Range.

1.START-END WEST-1: jct Co125 - Kaufman Creek Rd
2.profile stays left at this jct. Right goes to Gravel Mtn ATV road on FR485
3. TOP, 10130ft
4.jct Kaufman Creek Rd - Stillwater Pass Rd
5.profile turns left down paved Co125
6.START-END WEST-2: same as point 1


From South.
Peacefullly rolling along on Co125 north of Granby, most of the forest road turnoffs are labeled with real names, not just numbers, for example Buffalo Creek Rd, and shortly past that Kaufman Creek Rd.

The surface here is perfect for a bicycle. Don't ask me to choose between gravel and mountain. But there are no rocks, just smooth compacted dirt. The road curves through the burned matchsticks, leaving the creek below to the north. I had to congratulate myself on the weather. Even though it was still end of August, a dense mix of thick clouds pierced by the occasional strong sun ray turned the hills into a canopy of alternating flat shadows and three dimensional matchscapes.

In thousands of degrees of curature the road works itself up to a  fork.The only information provided here by a sign is that both options of the fork will be closed after a mile. The profile goes left here and then crosses the closed gate. The closure is not directed to bicycles.

The road traverses up to a level where it is face to face with the dominant peak in the Rabbit Ears Rang: Park View Mountain (12296ft). The highest point is on this traverse. It looks like an old abandoned spur goes a little higher

From North. (described downwards). The top part is a little rockier on this side, but nothing that would cause a mountain bike to slow down. Park View Mountain is a constant companion, until the road dips back into the trees for good. The closure gate on this side is at the junction with Stillwater Pass Rd. The profile continues down the latter to the junction with Co125

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Dayride with this point as highest summit


( < Sheepcreek Divide | Stillwater Pass > )

Kaufman Creek Rd s(u) , Willow Creek Pass x2 : jct Co125 - Buffalo Creek Rd > Co125 north > up FR482 Kaufman Creek Rd > Kaufman Creek Rd s(u) > jct with FR123 Stillwater Pass Rd <> out and back on FR123 east to Illinois Pass trailhead >> FR123 Stillwater Pass Rd west > jct with Co125 <> out and back north > Willow Creek Passx2 << turnaround point at jct Co125 - FR50 at 8990ft >> Co125 south back to starting at jct Co125 - Buffalo Creek Rd: 41.9miles with 3450ft of climbing in 4:51hrs (garmin etrex32 r5:23.08.26)
Notes: The loop part of the ride without any addtional out and backs was: 15.5miles with 1580ft of climbing in 2:05hrs - pleasant sun interspersed with clouds and periods of brief heavy rain on the paved parts. The original plan was to stay further south, but it turned out better this way with the rain on the paved section.