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Harper's Corner Rd via CR16 Miner's Draw Rd(sh)

Leaving from the town Dinosaur, and traveling to the Harper's Corner overlook, the tourist receives a number  scenic offerings along the way. The first one of these is the view of an the amazing monocline to the west, making up Blue Mountain. This summit ride affords a closer look.

This is also the first and lowest shoulder summit on the Harper's Corner Road. The Harper's portion is paved and the Miner's portion is gravel.

1. START-END EAST: jct US40 - Harper's Corner Rd
2. TOP:7770ft, Harper's Corner Rd just before Escalante Overlook
3. profile turns left onto CR14
4. START-END WEST: jct US40 - Miner's Draw Rd


From North.
The profile follows Harper's Corner Road (there is more of a description and pictures on that page). The highest point comes about four miles before the turnoff onto CR16. It may come as a surprise that this turnoff is only 410ft lower than the highest point on Harper's Corner Rd. It may not seem that way, because of the many ups and downs on the Harper's Corner Rd.

From South. (described downwards).  A good, fast gravel road decent exists. In front is a classic Utah monocline: Blue Mountain. I think about halfways down this roll is the best vantage point onto the curving rock layers. It is much closer than the top, and still high enough for a good survey position. At the bottom the road parallels the monocline and then reaches US40 with some small detours.

Ride with this point as highest summit:


( < Harper's Corner Rd s(u) | CR4180 Dragon Rd s(u) > )

Harper's Corner Rd via CR16 Miner's Draw(sh) : a short distance below jct CR161-Harper's Corner Rd on CR161 > Haper's Corner Rd north > Harper's Corner Rd via CR16 Miner's Draw Rd(sh) > down CR16 > US40 east > Dinosaur with sightseeing detour > Harper's Corner Rd north > CR161 back to starting point: 36.5miles with 2910ft of climbing in 3:06hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:20.5.13).