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FR745 Lime Creek Road s(u)

This route can be an alternate approach to Shrine Creek Pass from the west. One MTB guide book from a past decade by Linda Gong and Gregg Bromka even suggests it as the principal approach, and that even though it takes much longer and requires some walking. But since more than a 300ft drop is involved between the two summits, the high point on Lime Creek Road can also be viewed as a unrecognized summit in its own right. It has some nice views of the northern Sawatch Range.
1.(8600ft,mile00) START-END WEST 1: lower access road to Redcliff below Co24 bridge
2.(8670ft, mile01) Redcliff at Shrine Pass turnoff
3.(8910ft,mile03) Profile turns left up Lime Creek Road
4.(11170ft,mile08) double track trail merges onto good dirt road. Turn left
5.(11240ft,mile09) TOP
6.(10780ft,mile12) profile stays right downhill, at this junction with FR712
7.(10650ft,mile12) junction with Shrine Pass Road. Profile turns right downhill
8.(8910ft,mile18) START-END WEST2:  same point as 3


From West 1.  The profile starts at the lowest point around, where the lower access road to Redcliff goes under the Co24 bridge. In sleepy, picturesque Redcliff, there are only two road signs. Both say "Shrine Pass" and they are at the same location, but face in opposite directions. Once on this aerobically friendly dirt road, it may take some extra convincing to take the turn off th (dirt) road onto the often wet, rocky track up or in Lime Creek. The first part requires much walking. Then the road periodically breaks out into subalpine meadows. After ample time has passed and this walk / ride alternation has repeated several times, the final two meadows offer a view. Mount Holy Cross and the rest of the northern Sawatch Range are beginning to emerge above the trees. One last final steep walk and the road merges onto a good dirt road. Coming from the other direction, this turnoff down a rocky track is extremely easy to miss. But the good dirt road soon dead ends in one direction, so there is no danger of getting lost, just riding a few extra miles. Anyway, turning left onto the good dirt road, the miles go by much faster now. The road summits almost imperceptively, amongst partially obscured views of the Sawach Range. You can find them if you look for them between the trees.

From West 2. (described downwards): A shallow descent traverses along the forested ridge, with long open stretches opening views onto Jacques Peak and also the area around Ptarmingan Pass. The first major intersection is not the junction with the Shrine Pass Road, but instead a dead end spur that heads up towards the Comando Run trail area. At the second major intersection, the profile turns down the Shrine Pass road. This way the profile isolates this point as a separate summit, but of course it is just as viable to continue over Shrine Pass. The descent passes quickly, pleasantly and without major views.


Dayrides with this point as highest summit


FR745 Lime Creek Road s(u) , Shrine Pass , Battle Hill Summit , additional out and back: just north of Camp Hale > Co24 north > lower access road to Redcliff > FR745 Lime Creek s(u) > Shrine Pass > Vail Pass (shp) > Vail > a few loops around Minturn > Battle Hill Summit > Co24 back to starting point: 59.6miles with 5010ft of climbing in 5:32hours (VDO MC1.0 m3:11.8.21).