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FR402 South Divide Road s(u)

FR402 runs roughly along the crest of the Uncompahgre Plateau. The part, that lies south of the most direct approach from Montrose on CR90, is labeled South Divide Road on many maps. The highest and longest part of the Divide Road lies north of CR90. But the southern part of the road has its own summit and the closer views of the Sneffels group in the San Juan Mountains.

1.(5800ft,mile00) START-END SOUTH: Montrose, jct US50 - Main Street: Co90 leaves towards west
2.(6140ft,mile08) Co90 becomes CR90 at the outskirts of Montrose
3.(7970ft,mile16) junction with Rim Road on left
4.(9550ft,mile24) Profile turns left onto South Divide Road.
5.(9940ft,mile29) TOP
6.(9140ft,mile39) Profile turns left onto Dave Wood Road (FR510)
7.(5860ft,mile58) START-END NORTH: jct Dave Wood Rd - Chipeta Drive, Montrose


From North. The approach from Montrose up to the jct with South Divide Road is described in the Divide Road s(u) page. South Divide Road turns off CR90 and at first it seems that the road does all it can to avoid getting close to the edge of the plateau. Meanwhile the level top of the plateau is getting ever narrower in this direction.

Much of the forest next to the road has been logged in an attempt to fight the pine beetle. But there are still enough trees left, so that you never get an idea just how close to the edge of the plateau the road finally gets. Even though you don't see it, the drop off to the valleys below is never far away. To accomplish this the road winds around quite a bit, always maintaining an impeccably smooth surface without washboard (at least duing my visit during the fall of 11). The point of highest altitude has no views, and you really would have no idea you're on it, unless you have been watching the altimeter.

From South. (described downwards). There is however a nice viewpoint of the Mount Sneffels group and the entire range a short distance after the top. The second group of pictures show the first snow of the summer of 2011 on it. The road rolls along, gradually loosing altitude, and the range makes more frequent appearances in the distant views, but ever drawing closer. At the junction with FR510, one can head for Norwood or, as the profile does, back to Montrose. Here this dirt road is even wider, and has rare patches of washboard surface, but still much less than average. Much of the lower part into Montrose is paved.




FR402 South Divide Road s(u) : lower part of Cr90, west of Montrose > up CR90 > south on FR402 > FR402 South Divide Road s(u) > east on FR510 Dave Wood Road > about 25 miles around Montrose > back to starting point: 79.8miles with 5560ft of climbing in 6:31hours (VDO MC1.0 m3:11.9.18).

first snow of 2011 in the San Juan Mountains, as seen from the Uncompaghre Plateau