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FR150 California Park - Slater s(u)

In this northern part of Colorado, the word "treeline" has the opposite implication of what you might expect:. Below are expanisve, sweeping grassy surfaces with great views on the surrounding mountains and plateaus. Above the road runs through a dense forest to the summit.

the elevation profile for this point is included on the FR150 Hayden - California Park page s(u)


From North.
After reaching a low point on its northward route from Hayden in California Park, the road starts to climb again. and reaches a second lower summit point. Here a signed junction meets the Great Divide Bicycle Route, coming up from the other side. That route turns to the east here and crosses over the FR42 Mill Creek Rd summit into Hahn's Creek Basin.

From South. The profile descends FR150 to yet another park, and its flowing grassy surfaces: Slater Park. This road follows the Great Divide Bicycle touring route. A long sequence of rolling surfaces eventually lead down to the junction with Wy70. During my ride the traffic consists of heavy, rumbling and mooing cow transport trucks, their smell usually lingering after their passage; about one every half hour on average. Looking back the clouds hang over the ridge separating me from California Park, like the froth on a pot that is boiling over.

From the end of the profile at the jct with Wy70, downtown Slater is a short distance to the left. There is an interesting pioneer museum there. But I did not see an open store, just the sign saying, population:25. The post office, housed in a trailer, complete with a person to talk to is in the other direction from the junction.

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: FR150 Hayden - California Park