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Dolores Canyon Overlook(ow)

When travelling on US606 through the area around Dove Creek, the first impression is that of a vast agricultural plain. But there are some scenic wonders hidden in this area, and it is hard to believe that a 2000 ft dirt road climb connects a high plateau with one of the eastern canyons of the Colorado Plateau area: the canyon of the Dolores River

1.(00.0mile,5840ft) START-END NORTH:start of county maintainance on CR14F
2.(14.0mile,7050ft)jctCR10 - CR J: closest point to Dove Creek
3.(22.8mile,8000ft)TOP: Dolores Canyon Overlook


From South.
The only way to get to this starting point on a bike, without crossing the Dolores River, is to first travel down this approach (to the best of my knowledge). The road extends further down along the river, below the starting point of the profile. The starting point of the profile is where the county road maintenance ends. Below this point the road is a rocky jeep trail and travel on it is much slower.

From the starting point of the profile quick progress is possible on this road. It follows close to the bottom of the canyon, mostly right next to the yellow green grasses on the side of the river. The road passes an informal campground, then becomes a good gravel road and steeply climbs up a side canyon of the Dolores. The plain that the town Dove Creek sits on is about halfways in elevation between the canyon and the overlook.

Once on the agricultural plain around Dove Creek, all the hard work is over. The slight inclined slope of the road doesn't even make it look like you are climbing a plateau. But soon Ute Mountain and the Abajo Mountains in Utah disappear behind a forest. The road goes out onto a tonque shaped piece of plateau above the confluence of the Dolores and a side canyon. You have to look around to get beyond all the bushes and trees for a good view in all directions of the canyon. Everytime I have been here I have had the place to myself. This is one of the least visited Colorado Plateau canyon overlooks I know.

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Dayride with this point as highest one way summit, and without two way summits:


( < FR413 Benchmark Lookout s(u) | CRK8 Dolores Rim(sh) > )

Dolores Canyon Overlook(ow) : short distance east of Dolores Canyon Overlook(ow) > CR15 south > J Rd west > CR9 north > CR10 north > Dolores Canyon CR14F north to turnaround point at end of county maintainance << CR13Fsouth > CR10 south > J Rd east > CR15 north <> out and back to Dolores Canyon Overlook(ow > back to starting point on CR15: 48.7miles with 3590ft of climbing in 5:31hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:19.9.27)