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CR169 Waugh Mountain s(u)

This may be one mountain, you probably never heard of, unless you are a rancher. It is located north of Cotopaxi and the Arkansas Canyon, south of South Park, east of Salida and west of Co9 over Currant Creek Pass. My de Lorme Gazeteer map shows CR169 going all the way through, but the north side is gated by the Stirrup Ranch

1.(mile00.0,6370ft) START-END EAST: jct US50 - CR12 in Cotopaxi on the Arkansas River
2.(mile10.1,8520ft)profile turns left from CR12 onto CR16
3.(mile13.5,9020fit)route turns left onto rougher Waugh Mtn Rd
4.(mile17.7,10620ft)TOP: CR169 WaughMtn s(u)
5.(mile22.6,8900ft)jct with CR2; profile turns right
6.(mile36.5,7410ft)profile turns right on Co9 towards Canyon City
7.(mile46.9,6170ft) START-END WEST: jct Co9 - US50, west of Canyon City


From South.
Picturesque Cotopaxi is surrounded by Arkansas Canyon walls. In the cool shade a four way intersection marks the beginning point of the profile. CR12 heads north. The first 1800ft of climbing are paved (a sort of rolling paved), and there are no cars to speak of. Turnoffs onto "Drives" hint at real estate in the hills above, but none can be seen from the road.

Soon after the pavement ends the road forks. The profile stays right, climbing very steeply at first, and then suddenly showing the objective ahead at a flat section. From this point Waugh Mountain looks like a big piece of flat bread. But it's a workout anyway. The turnoff onto Waugh Mountain Road is signed, but the letters have worn off. To decipher what the sign says, you need to investigate the sticky tape remnants on rotting wood next to the road.

This jeep trail climbs into open ranching country, crossing private property for about 3 miles (the property next to the road is private, but the road is public). The more open range land allows better views. During morning hours the Sawatch and Sangre de Cristo Ranges look like a single wavy board against the frontal light. But you can make out the low spot where Poncha Pass separates the two ranges. The road soon enters an aspen forest, and now climbs very steepy, passing befuddled cows occasionally. It was steep enough for me to walk once in a while. The top is in a clearing at a coral and has an nice view north. It should be better with late light.

From North. (described downwards). Over the top the road is very smooth. But it deteriorates rapidly descending into the aspen forest on the north side. Then a gate across the road appears, maybe 500ft below the top. On the other side, what was previously CR169 continues as abandoned road. It is fairly easy to bike. The gate on the other side is crossed as soon as the road emerges from the forest onto the range land in South Park. Now a faint track follows the property boundary around the Stirrup Ranch, and connects to their access road. Obviously there is no sign on this side.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


(< CR170 the Pines Ranch(sh) | CR1A Cotopaxi s(u) >)
CR169 Waugh Mountain s(u) , CR12 Firebox Road s(u) , CR2 Stirrup Ranch s(u) , CR37-CR1A West Mc Coy Gulch(sh) : Mc Coy Gulch <> 1.5 mile out and back with return because I forgot something >> down CR37 West Mc Coy Gulch > UW50 west > Cotopaxi > up CR12 > up CR169 > CR169 Waugh Mountain s(u) > CR2 west > CR2 Stirrup Ranch s(u) > CR12 south > CR12 Firebox Rd s(u) > Cotopaxi > up CR 1-A > CR1-A West Mc Coy Gulch(sh) > back to starting point: 70.4miles with 7630ft of climbing in 7:27hrs (VDO MC1.0 m5:14.9.13, t14_34)


CR169 Waugh Mountain s(u)
Highest Point: 10620ft
Eastern Approach:
climb over distance drop
jct US50 - CR12 in Cotopaxi on the Arkansas River (6370ft) 4250ft 17+1/2 ~100ft
Western  Approach:

jct Co9 - US50, west of Canyon City (6170ft)
4450ft 29miles