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CR12 Firebox Road s(u)

This summit is located on a wide dirt road without (or relatively little) washboard surface, on a long range land ramble between South Park and the Arkansas River. It's possible to construct different loop rides over this summit from opposing directions. Both of these that are about equally long. The first option reaches to the summit from the east and Co9. The second reaches towards the summit from the west and Salida. The profile shows an eastern loop.

1.(mile00.6180ft) START-END EAST: low point immediately after jct US50 - Co9, on Co9 west of Canyon City
2.(10.8mile,7430ft) profile turns left onto CR2
3.(30.8mile,9440ft) CR2 Stirrup Ranch s(u)
4.(33.7mile,8840ft) profile turns left onto CR12 Firebox Rd
5.(36.4mile,9860ft) intermediate high point
6.(41.6mile,10090ft) TOP: CR12 Firebox Rd s(u)
7.(47.4mile,8520ft) CR16 from Waugh Mtn joins from left
8.(57.5mile,6380ft) START-END WEST: jct US50 - CR12 and CR1A in Cotopaxi next to Arkansas River


From East.
The description starts a short distance before point 3. A wide dirt road climbs over the sweeping range land in south park to a summit on CR2. The road descends only a few hundred feet.

Now the profle turns left onto Firebox Road. A short but steep climb leads to what I thought was the summit. The Sawatch Range is shining in the late afternoon light behind a line of aspen, showing first effects of colder weather. But where was the view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the south ? I should have known. The summit was still miles away, even it it was only a couple of hundred feet higher. But two sizable dips and climbs, following the contour of Waugh Mountain still had to be negotiated. The top is in the trees, and the Sangre de Cristos still are not visible.

From South. (described downwards). This is a very fast descent on smooth dirt. The last 1800ft vertical are paved, and are the only portion where great views of the Sangre de Cristo Mtns caused me to stop and take advantage of the excellent late light (last picture).

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: CR169 Waugh Mountain s(u)


CR12 Firebox Rd s(u)
Highest Point: 10090ft
Eastern Approach:
climb over distance
low point immediately after jct US50 - Co9, on Co9 west of Canyon City (6180ft)
3910ft 41+1/2miles
jct CR12 Firebox Rd - CR2 Stirrup Ranch (8840ft)
8miles ~600ft
Western  Approach:

jct US50 - CR12 and CR1A in Cotopaxi next to Arkansas River (6380ft)
3710ft 15+1/2miles