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Brushy Point s(u)

Brushy Point is a scenic intersection of four jeep trails on a round hill in the Roan Plateau. The obvious way to get there is from the lower side of the northern approach to Douglas Pass. It is also an intermediate summit on a mountain bike route to Douglas Pass, named the Rangely Loop.

1.(00.0m,6320ft) START-END NORTH-1: jct Co139 - Rope Canyon Rod
2.(05.4m,8420ft) TOP: Brushy Point s(u)
3.(07.0m,7980ft) profile stays left on the ridge; right goes back down to Co139
4.(08.7m,8190ft) profile stays left
5.(13.8m.6860ft) profile rejoins Co139 and turns downhill
6.(19.9m,6320ft) START-END NORTH-2: same as point 1


From West.
Rope Canyon is the fastest way to get to the this point. About 6 miles north of Douglas Pass the turnoff to Rope Canyon is signed. It first starts out as a bumpy cow track to a well pad. But it quickly becomes smoother, and starts to climb steeply. Many turnoffs lead to dead end end well pads. In the lower part they are all signed. Finally a sign directs towards a turnoff to a smaller steeper track and an extended walking section begins. The top is an open meadow with views in three directions. A precariously perched sign points out all the approaches: Rope Canyon, Ridge Road, Brushy Point Draw and East Douglas Creek Rd.

Views of the Roan Plateau sofar, have been views of a landscape of patterns: various rectangular or polygonally shaped ridges recede in all directions. From up here there the bright Cathedral Bluffs to the north add a white shelf into the landscape

From North: This approach is not shown in the profile. The next most obvious approach leaves from CR27 following East Douglas Creek upstream. The junction is located at a picturesque ranch. The signed turnoff up Brushy Point Draw looks like it could be a ranch road. But a sign identifies it clearly. At first this approach feels a lot easier. But for the last 700ft of climbing it gets extremely steep and heavily rutted. Views of the Cathedral Bluffs are payment for the climb. The road joins the Rope Canyon approach immediately before the highest point. From the rounded knoll behind the junction the views can reach to the Uintah Mountains in Utah.


From South. (described downwards and shown in profile)  Rather than go down one of the other two relatively direct approaches, the profile continues north along Ridge Road. The name promises views and delivers some. It does not hint at the steep ups and downs that are still ahead. In order to continue to Douglas Pass (which is profiled on the Four A Ridge Rd page), it is a good idea to pay attention to the next several junctions, which have only limited agreement with what some maps show.

The first left after Brushy Point s(u) dead ends on a hill. But it is worth taking it, because later on it provides confidence that that was indeed the wrong route. The next left and right may lead into the valleys on more or less abandoned roads. If heading for Douglas Pass it is important to take a left after that - on BLM1242, even if the direction first seems counter-intuitive.  If one misses this turnoff, as I did on my second ride here, you end up with Brushy Point as the highest summit, and a second summit on Ridge Rd.

That is exactly what the profile on this page does. It makes Brushy Point the summit and continues directly down into the valley after the Ridge Rd summit, as recorded by GPS with all my erroneous detours edited out.

Getting down into the valley after the Ridge Road summit can be tricky on a first or second ride. Staying straight at the first junction.dead ends at a gate and an abandoned road. Going right before this dead end leads to another dead end on top of a ridge. However there is an innocuous turnoff in the midst of the same intersection, leading back down to the Douglas Pass road, albeit over an abandoned road, two closed gates, and finally a hardly distinguishable track through the sage brush. A wide track continues on east side of Douglas Creek down valley till there is a suitable road crossing. The profile is the recorded. route. There may be better options available

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( | ZVI Rd s(u) > )
Brushy Point s(u) , Ridge Rd-Brushy Point(sh) : short distance up BLM1056 to Oil Spring Mountain > up Rope Canuon Rd > Brushy Point > Ridge Rd- Brushy Point(sh) > out and back to end of unnamed ridge west of Red Rock Canyon as in description > down abandoned road as described > C5p139 south > back to starting point: 27.6miles with 3740ft of climbing in 4:40hrs (garmin etrex30 m5:17.5.24).
Notes: first slow tired hot ride, missed turnoff to Douglas Pass, also first ride with toestraps in about 15 years or more

Dayrides with this point as intermediate summit are on page: Four A Ridge Rd s(u)

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