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Black Mountain Road summit(u)

Highest Point:

Northern Approach:

from Morrison via Bear Creek Canyon and Evergreen (5800ft) 3120ft 19+1/2miles
from Evergreen (7040ft) 1880ft 9miles
Southern Approach:

from Morrison via US285 (5800ft) 3120ft 20miles ~300ft

This summit is often referred to by road names of the route below the summit: These are: Shadow Mountain Rd from Conifer and Brook Forest Rd from Evergreen.

The route shown in the profile goes up 4 lane US285 as southern approach, since this is the most direct. Better and longer cyling routes use Deer Creek Canyon, South Turkey Creek Canyon, North Turkey Creek Canyon, Blue Creek Rd. Pleasant Park Rd and others. - See the ride statistics for more details.


should I smile or grimace with pain ?? - approaching summit