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Bigelow Divide

This is the second of three pleasant forested divides on Co78, along the east side of the Wet Mountains

an elevation profile of this point is included on the pages: Wixson Divide (completely paved), Co78 Wet Mountains s(u) (gravel)


From North.
Looking on a map, I thought that a forest road down South Hardscrabble Creek reaches the lowest point between the Wixson Divide and the Bigelow Divide. However this road is actually a trail, and I have not checked it out on a bicycle yet.

Staying on pavement on the short climb to Bigelow Divide, Co67 makes its only wide turn, that could be called a switchback on its route between Mc Kenzie Jct and Colorado City.

From South. (described downwards) A short roll leads to the next low point, where the climb to the Greenhill Divide starts. In this area is the turnoff to a road that reaches the crest of the Wet Mountains, all the way to Greenhorn Mountain.

Dayrides with this point as intermediate summit are on pages:
FR400 Gardner Road s(u)
Co78 Wet Mountains s(u)

A Day on a Three Day Tour with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Wixson Divide