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Welcome to the Utah pages of Cyclepass.com.  I forgot to mention canyons in the title. Without the multi colored canyons, at the beginning and end of many cycling climbs, Utah just wouldn't be Utah. The state has an incredible variety of landscapes that lend themselves to exploration by bicycle. Besides the arid south, there are alpine climbs in the Wasatch Range. But most of the highest elevation differences are found in the high, green plateaus of central and south central Utah, which lead back down to the canyons - again the amazing red, white, sheer maze of canyons.

To start, here are some Favorites

All summits in the tables and also linked the following map:

Map of Utah Summits and Passes

The pass pages are in several different formats. All contain elevation profiles and pictures. Many additionally contain descriptions, historical information and maps.

All pass/ summit pages  can also be accessed through the following tables.All of these tables can also be brought through the navigation bar on the left

alphabetical order
ighest elevation first
ighest prominence first

All these tables, maps etc. can be accessed from any of the newer style pages with 1 or 2 clicks on the top and left navigation bars.

Needless to say that there are many, many more summits. A page like this can never be complete.