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Cycling Nevada's Mountain Passes and Summits

Name elevation (ft) nearby towns location
  10000 - 10000  
Wheeler Peak Scenic Dr(ow) 10160 Baker Wheeler Peak
  9000 - 9999  
  8000 - 8999  
  7000 - 7999  
Connors Pass 7728
Robinson Pass 7539
Austin Pass 7484
Little Antelope Summit 7438
Carroll Pass 7425
Pinto Summit 7350
Daggett Pass 7334
Sacramento Pass 7146
  6000 - 6999  
Pancake Summit 6492
Oak Springs Summit 6240 Caliente, Nv Delmar Mtns, Pahroc Range
Pioche s(u) 6240 Pioche Pioche Hills
  5000 - 5999  
Hancock Summit 5610 Crystal Springs Pahrangat Range
Simee Dimeh Summit 5987
Coyote Summit 5604 Crystal Springs Groum Range/ Timpahute Range
  4000 - 4999    
  3000 - 3999    
The Summit 3737 Las Vegas Mormon Mountains
Valley of Fire Rd s(u) 3040 Las Vegas Lake Mead area
  2000 - 2999    
Boulder City s(u) 2520 Boulder City Sunrise Mountains
Lake Mead Boulevard s(u) 2440 Las Vegas Lake Mead area
Lake Mead North Shore Rd s(u) 2400 Las Vegas Lake Mead area

Name elevation (ft) nearby towns location
  8000 - 8999  
Austin Crest Trail s(u) 8850
Genoa Peak Rd s(u) 8720
FR59438 Cooper Canyon s(u) 8640
FR002 Toiyabee Range s(u) 8580
  7000 - 7999  
Pete's Summit 7770
Osceola Rd s(u) 7640
Emigrant Pass 7600
Basque Summit 7440
Patterson Pass 7400 Pioche, Ely Schell Creek Range
  6000 - 6999    
Meloy Summit 6800 Pioche, Ely Fairview Range
  5000 - 5999    
  4000 - 4999    
  3000 - 3999    
  2000 - 2999    
Aniversary Mine s(u) 2160 Las Vegas Lake Mead area

A Aniversary Mine s(u) -UNP 2160ft -short jeep trail track to an old old mine in the hills above Lake Mead
Austin Crest Trail s(u) -TRAIL 8850ft- this trail along the crest of the Toiyabe Range is a well marked cycling attraction
Austin Summit -PVD 7484ft- a short paved climb to the the Austin Crest trailhead, also part of the US50 transcontinental bike route
B Basque Summit -UNP 7440ft- a section of the historic Old Overland Route
Boulder City s(u) -PVD 2520ft- historic tourist town above Lake Mead is also a small cycling summit with a scenic paved bike trail
C Carroll Summit -PVD 7425ft-  this isolated scenic summit is an alternative to a part of the US50 transcontinental bike route
Connors Pass -PVD 7728ft-  highest point on US50 bike route in Nevada
Coyote Summit -PVD 5604ft- small summit on the Etraterrestrial Highway, skirting Nellis air force base
D Daggett Pass -PVD 7334ft-  connects Carson Valley with Lake Tahoe and can be combined with other passes in a loop dayride
E Emigrant Pass -TRAIL 7600ft- a short section of the historic Overland Route between Austin and Austin Summit
F FR002 Toiyabe Range s(u) -UNP 8580ft- dirt road through the heart of the Toiyabe Range with a short very steep section
FR59438 Cooper Canyon s(u) -UNP 8640ft-  this eastern part of Nevada near Great Basin National Park has some of the best dessert scenery in Nevada
G Genoa Peak Rd s(u) -UNP 8720ft- this dirt road follows the Carson Range above Lake Tahoe, parallel to the Tahoe Rim Trail
Hancock Summit -PVD 5610ft- large groves of Joshua Trees in the Tikaboo Valley on the west side make this summit stick in memory
L Lake Mead Boulevard s(u) -PVD 2440ft -scenic entrance to Las Vegas through a low gap in the Sunrise Mountains
Lake Mead North Shore Rd s(u) -2400ft -PVD the smoothest of pavements imaginable leads through stark, fascinating dessert north of Lake Mead
Little Antelope Summit -PVD 7438ft- one of many desert "pancake summits" on US50 bike route
M Meloy Summit -UNP 6800ft- isolated Basin/ Range east-west pass between Pioche and Ely
O Oak Springs Summit -PVD 6240ft- isolated basin/range road through joshua trees and scenic dessert
P Pancake Summit -PVD 6492ft- the name says it all. I met a transcontinental cyclist on this section of US50
Pete's Summit -UNP 7770ft- sometimes the monotonous verges on the spectacular
Patterson Pass -UNP 7400ft- this pass picks a very scenic spot in the Schell Creek Range to make its crossing. There is a BLM recreation area on the east side.
Pinto Summit -PVD 7350ft- there is a grocery store waiting on the west side; this can be something to look forward to on US 50 in Nevada
Pioche s(u) -PVD 6240ft- the historic mining town Pioche is on top of this hill
R Robinson Pass -PVD 7539ft- nice view during late light back towards Ely
S Sacramento Pass -PVD 7146ft-  US50 passes by the highest Peak in Nevada, a national park and a vast, interesting dessert valley
Simee Dimeh Summit -PVD 5987- a small summit with a lot of traffic. But it can be part of a loop ride over Daggett Pass. A forest fire broke out while I rode over this point.
T The Summit -UNP 2727ft- rough dirt road through Joshua trees and the Mormon Mountains, east of Las Vegas
V Valley of Fire s(u) -PVD 3040ft; a gentle climb through Valley of Fire State Park, east of Las Vegas
W Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive s(u) (ow) -PVD 10160ft: the highest paved road in Nevada climbs into Basin and Range National Park.