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Welcome to "Bicycling Colorado's Mountain Passes". I want to invite you on a virtual tour over Colorado's Mountain Passes, as seen from the seat of a bicycle, but not only of interest to cyclists. All summit points are linked on the following map. In the inset on the right of the map pages you can filter the displayed summits by surface type: paved, unpaved or trails. The "more" tabs bring up additional summits, some ot which are linked to external resources

MAP: Colorado Passes and Summits

The "recognized passes" table contains all major paved passes, the majority of well known unpaved passes, and also many lesser known divides and historical passes. But not all worthwhile cycling climbs go over named summits. The tables reference many of those.

recognized passes (-alphabetical order)
unrecognized summits (-alphabetical order)

When looking for climbs that reach a high (or low) elevation, the following table is more useful

summits / passes all surfaces (-highest elevation first)
The last two tables are arrange the summits by approach heights, also called prominence, which is a measure of how big a climb is, top elevation minus starting elevation.

paved approach heights  (largest first)
MTB/unpaved approach heights  (largest first)

All tables, maps for any area etc. can be accessed with 1 or 2 clicks from any of the newer style pages with the top and left navigation bars.