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01.(6340ft,mile00) START-END EAST: jct Ut16 - Ut39 in Woodruff
02.(6740ft,mile08) START-END EAST ALTERNATE: turnoff to Birch Creek Reservoir on right
03.(8770ft,mile19) FR59 on right leads down to Randolph
04.(8890ft,mile21) Monte Cristo campground and ranger station
05.(9010ft,mile25) TOP: on north west flank of Monte Cristo Peak
06.(7060ft,mile32) turnoff on right goes to Hardware Ranch
07.(4920ft,mile49) START- END WEST: Ut39 turns left, east of Huntsville. Profile continues down Ogden Canyon, since this is the most direct approach. For a less dangerous route turn right towards North Ogden Canyon.
08.(4910ft,mile55) turning right onto Ut162 also leads to North Ogden Pass. Profile continues straight down Ogden Canyon
09.(4470ft,mile60) Route leaves North Ogden Canyon and continues on bike path on Ogden River.
10.(4310ft,mile62) START-END WEST ALTERNATE: jct bike path - Washington Ave in Ogden.