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01.(5500ft,mile00) START-END EAST: Duchesne: junction US40, US191
02.(5700ft,mile03) Sowers Canyon (dirt) road leaves on left
03.(6300ft,mile10) Right Hand Fork Canyon leaves on right
04.(9060ft,mile24) top of Indian Canyon summit(u)
05.(9050ft,mile24) Argyle Ridge (dirt) road joins on left
06.(8700ft,mile25) profile turns right onto Reservation Ridge Road
07.(9730ft,mile39) turnoff on right follows Horse Ridge to Avantaquin Canyon, profile continues straight.
08.(9835ft,mile39) TOP: north of Indian Head Mountain
09.(8980ft,mile45) turnoff on left follows Tabbyune Creek and eventually leads to Price River and Soldier Summit road
10.(8900ft,mile49) good dirt road on left goes to Soldier Summit road
11.(8930ft,mile51) profile turns right down Timber Canyon
12.(6280ft,mile64) START-END WEST: profile turns right following Strawberry River
13.(6150ft,mile69) START-END WEST ALTERNATE: Strawberry Pinnacles