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01.(mile00,5000ft) START-END WEST junction of Book Cliff Ridge road with an unlabeled dirt road, south of Book Cliffs.
02.(mile03,5170ft) route to East Canyon stays right. Stay right.
03.(mile20,8250ft) route over Bookcliff Divide joins from left. Profile stays right.
04.(mile21,8400ft) TOP: point of highest altitude is slightly past radio facility
05.(mile23,7720ft) stay left on ridge
06.(mile24,7600ft) stay left on ridge
07.(mile24,7600ft) switch back up hill
08.(mile28,6250ft) San Arroyo Camp gas processing plant
09.(mile34,5400ft) good dirt joins from hard right, after exiting Book Cliffs
10.(mile38,5030ft) START-END EAST dirt road on right offers connection back to starting point
11.(mile44,5870ft) START-END EAST ALTERNATE: junction US6 - Two Road (gravel)