1.(00.0km,214m) Vars Gorge, tunnel entrance on D
2.(00.3km,217m) START-STOP WEST: profile turns left up Valley of the Tinee
3.(05.3km,244m) profile turns right up to La Tour
4.(11.5km,595m) D32 La Tour s(u)
5.(14.7km,375m) low point between D32 La Tour s(u) and D32 Utelle s(u)
6.(23.8km,878m) TOP: D32 Utelle s(u) at turnoff to out and back road to Crete de la Madone
7.(24.8km,795m) western turnoff into Utelle
8.(33.2km,281m) START-STOP EAST ALT: profile turns right down Vesubie Gorge
9.(43.8km,142m) START-STOP EAST: jct Vesubie Gorge - Vars Gorge

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