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Utah Cycling Summits - Shoulder summits - alphabetical order

- shoulder summits are located on the way to a higher summit, but with an additional approach to the shoulder summit

Surface Elevation (ft) located on shoulder of
Nearby Towns or (landmarks)
Bookcliff Ridge Rd(sh) dirt road 8400 Book Cliffs Divide (Haley Dome)
CR228 - CR227 Brushy Basin Rim Rd(sh) dirt road 6410 CR228 Blanding s(u) Blanding
FR47 Blacksmith Fork Canyon: left hand dirt road 6720 Bear Lake Summit Logan, Hyrum
FR88 Bears Ears(sh) dirt road
FR88 the Notch s(u)
FR96 White Pine(sh) dirt road 9690 Richfield - Filmore Rd Marysvale
FR111 Joseph Peak dirt road 8590 Richfield
FR150 - 290 Mary's Nipple(sh) dirt road 9670 High Top Salina
Mineral Bottom Road (sh) dirt road
Ut313 Island in the Sky s(u)
Ut313 - Gemini Bridges Rd(sh) dirt road
Ut313 Island in the Sky s(u) Moab
Ut313 - Spring Canyon Rd(sh) dirt road
Ut313 Island in the Sky s(u) Moab