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           Manning Canyon summit(u)

01.(mile00,6940ft) START-END WEST: jct NM585-NM68, just south of Taos.
02.(mile03,7190ft) START-END WEST ALTERNATE: jct NM585-US64, just west of Taos.
03.(mile13,8330ft) FR437 dirt road branches right to Valle Escondido
04.(mile15,8670ft) trail to Apache Pass branches on right
05.(mile18,9101ft) TOP: Palo Flechado Pass
06.(mile21,8360ft) START-END EAST ALTERNATE: Aqua Fria, paved NM434 branches on right
07.(mile31,8210ft) Eagles Nest, profile continues straight down Cimarron Canyon
08.(mile43,7400ft) Ute Park
09.(mile55,6430ft) START-END EAST: town of Cimarron


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